Let’s knit with Lete’s Knits

Letes_KnitsJustyna Lorkowska, known by knitters under the name of “Lete’s Knits”, is a mother, former teacher and knitwear fanatic. She learned her first stitches from her mother when she was a teenager, but gave up knitting afterwards. Having her first baby brought back her passion with great impact, and she also started designing knitwear for adults and children.

Justyna loves designing sweaters and accessories. Her true passion is for unique garments that catch the eye with their intricate details and beautiful finishing. And if they can be seamless that’s even better.

She lives with her husband, two kids and two cats in Poland.

Justyna will be giving two of her popular 3-hour workshops at Wollfest (in English): Eastern Uncrossed Knitting, and Working with Cables and Textures.




Logo_maschenproben_webAt Wollfest 2014, Hilke was part of the SandnesGarn stand. This year, she will be bringing SandesGarn with her.

Along with lots of different SandnesGarn qualities, Hilke will be bringing wonderful yarns from Erika Knight, the Fibre Company and ggh, all of which she presents according to color in her shop in Hamburg.

The one exception to this rule: the Erika Knight yarns. “The color scheme is so subtle that the colors should not be separated.” We look forward to seeing how she’ll display her treasures at Wollfest.



S Twist Wool

Olann Sidebar - S TwistS Twist Wool, an indie yarn company that focuses mainly on Irish wool, was founded in Dublin in 2014. All of the fleece for the S Twist ranges have been collected from small farms around Ireland. A special, natural method to clean and scour the wool is used, with no harsh chemicals or detergents. After carding, the sock weight yarn is spun by a mill, while the DK yarn is hand spun on site in Dublin.

The grey overdye range is a rich, lustrous collection of six intense shades. These are repeatable colourways of colours overdyed on grey mountain fleece, and S Twist also offers repeatable colourways for their white mountain fleece.

Dyer’s Choice are all one-off dyed skeins. These unique skeins have proven to be very popular with the customers.

Celtic Colours is an exciting addition to S Twist’s range of Irish wools. The fleece is not Irish in origin and is not prepared on site, but is hand-dyed by S Twist in Tipperary.





DruckKerstin’s color gradients are known for their high-quality materials such as cashmere, silk, extra-fine merino and long-staple cotton. Her trademark is long gradients in either subtle or cheerfully bright color combinations.

Her product range is rounded off with kid mohair, silk and linen, along with artistic shawl pins made from white bronze or white brass and often decorated with semi-precious stones.




biopic_feb_2014Many of you will know of Marjan Hammink, aka Yarnissima, through her patterns, which have been published by Knitty, Twist Collective, The Knitter magazine and in the book “Knitting Architecture”, amongst others. She is also a familiar name to fans of Wollmeise yarn, due to the kits she had available for many years through her webshop. But what not everyone knows is that she’s also an experienced teacher who regularly shares her knowledge with others in workshops.

We’re very pleased that she’ll be taking part in Wollfest Hamburg once again, and we have an excellent selection of her workshops to offer.

Marjan will be giving 4 workshops in German: Fair Isle (3 hours), Steeks (3 hours), Advanced Lace (3 hours) and Granny Squares (1.5 hours, a beginner’s-level crochet class). And in her free time between workshops, she’ll also be giving several short “mini workshop” in the marketplace – free of charge for those who are interested, and on various interesting topics which we will be announcing later.



dibaduWhen a whole family gets together to start a company, it can be a very good thing. dibadu is proof of this.

Barbara, the creative head of the family, is actually a musician and knows all about sounds and harmonies. And that’s exactly what one sees when looking at these wonderful colorways – harmony.

The dibadu family will be taking part in Wollfest for the second time, and bringing yarns in various qualities, spinning fiber and their own patterns with them.


Hilke Zühlke

Hilke IIIHilke is in her element when the topic is weaving, and the craft is far more than just a hobby to her. And it would be hard to find a weaving technique that she hasn’t at least tried.

At least year’s Wollfest, Hilke brought along an impressive display of silkworms and the barely visible silk threads that she spooled from the cocoons. And her work on a historic sock knitting machine made quite an impression on many in the marketplace.

We asked Hilke to prepare a workshop this year on the topic of weaving. We’re pleased to announce that she said yes, and she will be teaching a class on band-weaving with a rigid heddle this year at Wollfest. The workshop will be held in German.

WollWerkstatt Kiel

wollwerkstatt-kiel-110x250Dörte Dietrich’s WollWerkstatt is an institution in Germany, and not just for knitters in Kiel. Her shop is especially well known to anyone who appreciates Scandinavian knitwear design.

“Works of art that grow stitch by stich are a perfect counterpart to our hectic day-to-day lives,” says Dörte, describing the idea that she associates with the WollWerkstatt. And this idea requires top-quality material.

Isager, Geilsk, Hanne Falkenberg, Annette Danielsen and Hobbywool from Latvia can be found as both kits and yarns at Dörte’s shop. She also offers Filcolana, BC-Garn, Karen Noe, Ullcentrum Öland, Mohair by Canard and various other renowned brands.

We are pleased to have Dörte join us with her fantastic range of yarns!



IMG_2181-2She doesn’t just have an infectious laugh, she’s also able to “infect” people with her passion for spinning.

She has been practicing this craft for many years with great skill and enjoys sharing her extensive knowledge in courses as well as via videos on YouTube. She has also published a (German) book with the title “Spinn, Spindel, Spinn”.

Chanti already taught several workshops at the last Wollfest, and her marketplace activities were one of the more popular attractions. We are very pleased that she will be joining us against this year, with both her beautiful smile and two workshops. Her topics are “Spin YOUR yarn” and “Spin colors” and both workshops will be held in German.


SnailYarn from Italy

SnailYarnLogoItaly is not normally the first country you think of when hearing the term “hand-dyed yarn”, which makes SnailYarn from Ariccia, a southeastern suburb of Rome, even more interesting.

Valentina officially opened her SnailYarn shop in August 2014. Her colorways are both highly variegated as well as subtly variegated, and she loves stripes so much that she creates a lot of tonal and semisolid skeins which can be mixed together for colorful projects. All her yarns are kettle-dyed in small quantities, usually 5 skeins per batch.

Valentina cares about high quality as well as the environment and the animals who provide the fiber. She uses merino from South American or Falkland, Bluefaced Leicester bred in the UK and other high-quality fibers specifically spun for hand-knitting.

Come and see for yourself at Wollfest Hamburg, where Valentina will be exhibiting her beautiful range of yarn.



logo2Imagination is the secret behind her wonderful colorways. Ute envisions the finished product and then decides how the right yarn can be dyed. Sometimes it’s multicolored, sometimes semi-solid, sometimes wildly colorful.

For her, special color themes that offer the possibility of combining different yarns are important. And it’s always interesting to see what her customers end up making with it.

The small batches that Ute dyes are dominated by fine mixtures of alpaca, silk and cashmere as well as merino and silk. She purchases the yarn from England and South America. In the process, she ensures that the animals are treated well, so that she and her customers can use this beautiful yarn with a clear conscience.



Jana Huck aka Janukke

Janukke_1Jana is a very impressive designer who has been getting a lot of attention the last several years. Her success stems from her knitted Escher designs, but Jana is good at many other things too.

She has been very productive recently, and this can be seen in her color experiments. Background colors that shine through, delicate gradients and strong contrasts can all be found in her patterns and coordinate beautifully with the work’s corresponding texture. So what makes more sense than to conduct a color workshop?

Jana will be giving two workshops on this topic, both two hours long. The following will be covered: color theory, color and yarn, what color suits me best, the intarsia technique, double-knitting and Fair Isle. The participants of the workshops will decide together what they would like to focus on.



Change of venue for Wollfest

Wollfest Hamburg 2016 has to move!

The Audimax, where our first Wollfest took place, is no longer available for us to use in 2016. An inspection conducted by the city has resulted in it no longer being approved for events such as ours.

But we gave our all and, after several very stressful weeks, found a new home at the Jugendmusikschule (Youth Music School) in Hamburg, Mittelweg 42, in the direct vicinity of the university. And we are very pleased with our new location!

We have more space, a coat check, and all workshops will take place in the same location as the marketplace. We will once again have a lot of outside space to call our own, and if it should rain, much of it is protected under a roof. And those who were at Wollfest in 2014 will be glad to hear that the music school has a high-performance air conditioner.

And the best news of all: you will be able to buy even more yarn than planned, because we have lowered the admission prices!

One day costs € 9.00 and the whole weekend just € 16.00 in presale, and a day ticket will cost € 12.00 and a weekend ticket € 22.00 if purchased at the door.

We look forward to our new Wollfest home and to seeing you there in September!

Nature’s Luxury

Nature´sLuxuryThese days, luxury means that one knows where things come from, how they were made, and what they consist of. Danica Mäder Jully took this to heart when putting together her assortment of yarns.

Those who want to know what this means for knitting just need to take a look – or better yet, touch – the yarns in her collection. Because one can immediately feel just how much luxury nature has to offer. And to make it a feast for the eyes too, all yarns with the Nature’s Luxury label are hand-dyed.

Qiviut, baby camel, cashmere, possum and other fine fibers can be found in the Nature’s Luxury yarns. Also included are wool from organically farmed sheep, rare sheep breeds and spinning fiber, some of which are also undyed.

Luxury can also be glittery, which is why part of the selection also includes cashmere and silk with sequins, mohair with beads and silk with lurex threads.



Logo_PondeRosaWolleThose looking for sock yarn with that certain something will be sure to find it at PondeRosa. Bold, colorful, glittery, tone-in-tone, long color gradients – Victoria can do it all.

And not only with sock yarn, she also has materials such as cashmere and similar in her range, not to mention lace weight.

PondeRosa stands for color, color, color – something we just can’t get enough of. That’s why she’s joining us for the second time at Wollfest, and we are happy about that fact!


Isabell Kraemer

IsabellKraemerIsabell Kraemer designs wonderfully wearable clothes for day-to-day use, but they are anything other than “standard”. Her designs are popular because they’re casual, relaxed and modern, and also because they always have something special about them.

We are very pleased that the avowed stripes and top-down fan with mainly seamless designs will teach two workshops at Wollfest. Her topics, for which she is highly qualified, will be top down set-in-sleeves and short rows, and the workshops will be conducted in German.




Wolle am Leineweber

Logo_knit&purlBirgit Fuchs was already part of Wollfest Hamburg in 2014. She found it so inspiring, that she wrote a pattern for a Wollfest shawl, and she of course found all the yarn she used for it at Wollfest.

This year, she will not only have this pattern with her, but many more as well. And she will of course also be bringing her fantastic selection of yarns along: BC Garn, The Fibre Company, Hedgehog Fibres, Lotus Yarns and Noro, to name just a few.


Yarn over Berlin

11052392_10204352011581715_1906903034275160082_nMarion and Stefanie opened their online shop full of beautiful yarns from all over the world in 2012. Names include De Rerum Natura, Dream in Color, Geilsk, Habu, Madelinetosh, Malabrigo and The Uncommon Thread ― to name just a few.

After opening, they had their first direct meeting with the public at Wollfest Hamburg 2014. And what happened? They then went on to successfully organize Berlin’s first yarn festival, “Berlin Knits”, in 2015.

Wollfest Hamburg 2016 wouldn’t be the same without them, and we look forward to welcoming them and their fantastic selection of yarn.


Wollfest Anticipation

IMG_1747Things are speeding up for us in the Wollfest team, and those planning to join us in Hamburg this year also seem to be getting a little antsy. The most frequently asked question at the time is when the presale will start, and we have some information for you today.

We will be announcing the exact date of the presale 14 days in advance on the homepage, on Ravelry and on Facebook. The shop will open together with this announcement, which doesn’t however mean that you can buy anything yet.

But what you can do on this date is open an account in our shop, because it’s required for placing your workshop or ticket order(s), and already having your account set up could make the difference between “yay, I got a workshop spot” and “boo, all sold out”.

We will of course post all information for the workshops and their time schedule before the presale starts. And we also planned to have all exhibitors announced by that time.

The excitement is growing, so it’s definitely worth keeping your eyes on our most important channels of information:

The homepage – Ravelry – Facebook

By the way, nobody has to worry about Wollfest itself being sold out. Tickets cost a little less in presale, but they can also be bought at the door. We will be more than happy to welcome any spontaneous visitors showing up that weekend. However, we do assume that many of the workshops will be sold out before September.

Tieke Yarn

tieke_logo_rundSusanne Walther is behind the name “Tieke”, and for years now she has been dyeing yarn and fiber, which are also suitable for felting and weaving, under the name “Lollipop Yarn”. She is known for her unerring eye for color and quality.

And Susanne has even more to offer at Wollfest: she will be bringing her knitting and crochet packages (known as “Strick Box” and “Häkel Box” accordingly), which are filled with pattern, yarn and accessories. In addition, she will have needle pouches and project bags with her that are not just skillfully sewn, they are also made from beautiful linen and cotton fabrics. Susanne selects her fabric both from internationally renowned designers and she dyes and prints many of them herself.



schaf_00142In the northern German region of Schleswig-Holstein, in Heede to be exact, is where the “Wollkenschaf” yarns are dyed. Wollkenschaf is Heike, and she is all about yarn.

Her colorways tell stories about her environment: grey in many different shades – like the sky on a cloudy day – or blues ranging from pale to strong, green meadows and freshly plowed fields. And she also knows how to turn a gloomy day bright and colorful.

In addition to her impressive colors, Heike will also bringing her patterns and handmade stitch markers to Wollfest 2016.


Frida Fuchs

website_logoBehind this label are two sisters, Julia and Jana.

It’s important to them that their products aren’t just beautiful to look at and wonderful to the touch, but also that they are produced in an ecologically friendly manner. This includes how the “fiber donors” are treated, what kinds of dyes are used, and much more.

Those who speak German will recognize the sister’s Berlin roots just by reading the names of the yarns. “REMMIDEMMI Sock” is their particularly hard-wearing yarn, while “ETEPETETE Sock” is a cashmere mix. The names don’t just make where they’re from clear, it also clearly states what we can expect of that particular yarn. Both clever and funny!

We look forward to welcoming Julia and Jana and their beautiful yarns to Wollfest in 2016.



Walk_collection_Logo_2014Cathrin Walk has become one of Europe’s renowned hand-dyers. But the problem is: once someone has become popular, it can be hard to get your hands on the result of their hard work. But those coming to Hamburg in September have the perfect opportunity to meet Cathrin and her wonderful yarns and fibers, and hopefully take a few of her hand-dyed goodies home with them.

Cathrin Walk dyes small quantities of high-quality yarns and fibers in beautiful and at times quite delicate color combinations, and often times the source of her inspiration truly shines through. The materials she uses are of selected excellent quality and in different mixtures and weights.


Fair and direct: Fair Alpaka

logoAlpacas, those cute animals that most of us know from visits to the zoo, supply us with wonderfully soft yarn.

And Fair Alpaca makes sure that this yarn makes its way to us from Peru at a good price, while also ensuring that the breeders and manufacturers there are paid their fair share.

Carla and Sven from Fair Alpaka will be joining us for the second time at Wollfest and bringing a large number of colors and qualities with them. And unlike in the online shop, single skeins can be purchased at their stand.

If you’d like to see how the animals live, watch the video on the Fair Alpaka homepage. You will see Sven in it, cuddling a baby alpaca. By the way, this cute little thing does NOT supply the coveted baby alpaca yarn – it comes from adult animals, but is baby-soft :-)


Wood for spinners

uwe9People who enjoy spinning will truly love what Drechslerwerkstatt Matthes has to offer. The woodworking family Matthes will be bringing spindles made from different woods in lots of shapes, colors and weights. Low-whorl spindles, high-whorl spindles, supported spindles, lazy Kates for hand spindles, the list goes on and on.

All the spindles on sale can be taken on a “test drive” at the stand – there will be fiber available there to do so.

A paradise for those who like to make their own yarn!