“Maximum freedom” and “good photos”

Nicolor_logo_webThis is what you can experience with Nicola Susen, alias Nicolor, when it comes to yarn.

The patterns she designs work with any yarn, in any size – most of them without even having to swatch first. And this is what she means by “maximum freedom”. Visitors can check out the diversity of her designs for themselves when they visit her stand at Wollfest.

When she’s not at the stand she’ll probably be giving a workshop on the topic of “good photos” (in German). Participants will learn how to photograph their projects ideally, and without having to buy expensive photo equipment. We need our money for yarn!


Strickmich – colorful and clever

strickmich_byJPGgrWe are very happy that Martina Behm is joining us once again in 2016. And just like last time, she’s taking part in Wollfest with several activities.

At her stand, you will find her wonderful patterns and books as well as information on her Strickmich! Club 2017.

In Martina’s workshop, “Multicolor Love”, it will be all about using multicolored yarns (short color changes, long gradients, just plain colorful, etc.) in the best way possible as well as putting them together with the right pattern in order to make the most out of them.

“Magic Loop & Co” is an interesting look inside Martina’s bag of tricks, and is sure to be informative for both beginning and intermediate knitters. Both workshops will be held in German.

www.strickmich.de + www.strickmichclub.de + www.strickmich-shop.de

Pink Hazel stands for fantastic bags

PinkHazel(1)Those who are tired of having all their knitting and crochet needles as well as their other supplies all jumbled up should definitely take a look at what Anette Wall has to offer.

Her bags are hard to pass by anyway, because their colors will catch your eye. She combines all the colors of the world – as long as they are bold enough and found on high-quality linen fabric – on needle pouches, project bags and zippered bags. And you can see that these bags are made with both love and skill. Anette not only has the expertise when it comes to working with fabric, she also understands the needs of those wanting to organize their valuable crafting tools.

Anette originally comes from Germany, but now lives with her family in the Netherlands. She will be joining us this year for the first time.



The queen of hand-dyed skeins

queenssurpriseclub1Skein Queen is an artisan yarn-dyer based in Berkshire in the UK and loves to bring you one-of-a-kind colourways on a vast range of bases.

Whether rustic wools are your favourite or a fine cashmere, Skein Queen can offer a huge choice of British and Scandinavian wools as well as the more luxurious silk, camel and yak yarns.

The Skein Queen webshop updates can move extremely fast, with entire colourways selling out in the blink of an eye. But Debbie Orr’s beautiful yarns aren’t that well-known in Germany yet – a fact that Wollfest Hamburg is sure to change.


Natural dyeing with SaSa handmade

sasa_Logo4-15 rundSabine Sass will be at Wollfest Hamburg for the first time in 2016. In her studio in Lüneburg, she dyes both handspun and high-quality commercial yarns according to old methods.

In the process, she uses classic dye plants such as tansy, woad, cochineal, sandalwood, birch leaves, elderberry and many more.

Her label is known as SaSa handmade and offers yarns in beautiful colorways that are truly radiant.


Katrine’s “one-for-all bags”

Katrin_Logo_50x50She was tired of searching for the right knitting needles, so she sewed herself a pouch that truly had room for all her supplies and notions. And because her fellow knitters were always envious of her pouches, she started sewing more of them.

That’s how stories start sometimes. And in any case, the search for that particularly elusive notion can now come to an end.

Katrine and her detailed bags and pouches will be joining us at Wollfest Hamburg this year for the first time.



wpid-moldiv_1448712646632.pngWollmeise will be joining us again in 2016 – yes, the Wollmeise company from Pfaffenhofen with their beautiful yarns and colorways. And this time around, Mrs. Wollmeise herself, Claudia, will be taking part. We are so happy to hear that she’s coming, because it’s not often that you can find her at yarn festivals or markets.

At Wollfest Hamburg she will have something special with her that is normally only found in the bricks and mortar shop in Pfaffenhofen: the “Nobody is Perfect” skeins. This means that Wollfest visitors can purchase this coveted yarn at an especially reasonable price.

We’re back!

IMG_1173_800The Wollfest Team is back in action with the organization for Wollfest Hamburg 2016.

Next time there will be both familiar faces amongst the exhibitors (who you of course don’t just know from Wollfest) along with exciting new companies that we will be presenting to you here soon.

Workshops are also slowly falling into place, and we’ll start announcing them once things get confirmed.

In 2014 we all enjoyed the marketplace activities so much that we will be offering a lot more next time. This means there will be lots of fun events, with no need for an extra registration or extra costs.

We also want to spoil our visitors a little next time around, so there won’t just be more available in terms of food and drinks, we’ll also be more “hands on.” We mean that literally, and your tense shoulder muscles – caused by too much knitting or spinning or carrying bags – will truly be in good hands.

Curious? Then stop in once in a while and/or join the Wollfest-Hamburg Ravelry group, where we also announce all our news.

Wollfest Video

Federico Rinaldi (son of Wollfest team member Betta) has delighted us with a film filled with Wollfest impressions. And we of course want to share it with you.

Watching it makes us reminisce about Wollfest, and we can barely wait for the next one!