The Bistro at Wollfest

logo_cafemylysHungry or thirsty? Hanna will take care of all your culinary needs at Wollfest. In real life she runs café mylys, so will be a familiar face to many people from the Hamburg area.

Her coffee is legendary and let’s not even get started on her cakes and quiches…

At Wollfest, Hanna will be selling her coffee and cold beverages along with a vegan couscous salad with lots of herbs and different vegetables. Feta cheese can be ordered to go with it. There will also be sandwiches (on organic rolls) and a classic Bockwurst (sausage) for the carnivores. And for those with a sweet tooth, there will be a sweet dish made from quark & pureed berries and buttermilk balls available too.

Hanna will have a bistro on the ground floor directly underneath the “Blauer Saal” and will also have a stand selling drinks next to the door to the lounge.

Pop-up Store

We will be running a so-called pop-up store with great items from people who wouldn’t otherwise be able to take part this year.

Dye For Yarn, for example. The masterminds behind this brand, Cordula and Nicole, can’t attend in person, but are sending us a good amount of yarn to sell for them.

Then there’s “Drechslerwerkstatt Matthes”, the woodworker, who unfortunately had to cancel Wollfest due to health reasons. He is sending us a nice selection of spindles for our stand.

Friederike Karsten is a ceramic artist based in northern Germany who has made a series of very beautiful yarn bowls specially for Wollfest.

Nicolor, designer extraordinaire and co-organizer of Wollfest, will be offering her patterns out through the pop-up store as well.

And last but not least, we will have some amazing project bags as well as wooden yarn ball holders for you.

There will also be lots of different marketplace activities happening at the pop-up store, so make sure to check in regularly while you’re at Wollfest!


HanddyedBerlinEvelin from Berlin is having a true premiere at Wollfest. Her handdyedberlin company is so new, that her homepage will be launched afterwards.

Evelin is an interior decorator by trade, a job in which creativity is an important aspect, but which didn’t quite provide her day-to-day life with as much of it as she wished. She therefore turned to knitting to bring even more creativity into her leisure time.

She then started dying yarn, initially with food coloring, and only for her own use. She posted the results on Instagram – just for the fun of it – and more and more people asked her whether she would sell it.

Evelin by now kettle-dyes her yarn professionally. She’ll be presenting the results of her skills, which she learned during her vocational training, on merino, silk and cashmere.   (website launch planned in October 2016)


Wolleverliebt_logo_schwarzThanks to great patterns and fine yarns in beautiful colors, Wolleverliebt has been popular within the knitting community for the last four years. The yarns are created from merino, silk, yak and cashmere, and the colorways range from to semi-solids to high-contrast.

Wolleverliebt will also be bringing knitting accessories from Della Q, HiyaHiya, KnitPro and Clover to Wollfest

Early Bird Special

Those who have already bought a ticket in presale have the opportunity to avoid the long lines at the Wollfest doors. By picking up your wristband early, you can walk straight into the building and head to your favorite yarn dealer or workshop.

Where can wristbands be picked up?

On Thursday, September 1st from 5:00 to 7:00 pm at mylys, Weidenallee 12, 20357 Hamburg


On Friday, September 2nd from 5:00 to 7:00 pm in front of the Miralles Hall of the Jugendmusikschule (where Wollfest is taking place), Mittelweg 42, 20148 Hamburg.

We will also be issuing wristbands on Saturday, September 3rd starting at 9:00 am. Doors open at 10:00!

Important: please make sure that you do not put your wristband on too loosely – if it can be pulled off over your hand, it’s too loose and we’ll have to replace it at the door.




The Wollfest 2016 “How Many Stitches” Competition

Thanks to the enthusiasm and cooperation of Åsa Tricosa and Wollmeise, we will have a fun competition for everyone to take part in at Wollfest 2016.

Åsa, a popular knitwear designer who is teaching three sold-out workshops at Wollfest, has designed a lacy shawl to be released on the Wollfest Hamburg weekend. We will be exhibiting this shawl at Wollfest, with a question directed at all visitors:

How many stitches are there in this shawl?

Could it be 700? 7,000,000? Åsa is a clever one, so it might not be as straightforward of an answer as you think. ;-) The shawl can be found close to the Wollmeise Stand.

The person who guesses the number closest to Åsa’s calculation will not only receive a free pattern of the shawl, they will also win a 300g skein of Wollmeise lace yarn, which Claudia of Wollmeise has kindly donated to the contest. We will be collecting answers until Wollfest closes its doors on Sunday.

We’d like to thank Åsa and Claudia for their generosity, and we look forward to seeing your answers!

Wellness at Wollfest

Martina BuskeWe want everyone to feel great at Wollfest, and there’s just no place for tense shoulders and sore necks. But what to do if you have a stiff neck from looking at all that yarn or tense muscles from working on an overly complicated pattern?

Martina Buske is ready for this and more at Wollfest Hamburg. She will massage out those knots in shoulder and neck with skillful hands so that nothing can stand in the way of spending a relaxed weekend surrounded by yarn.

Finding your way easily around Wollfest

Planning is a good thing. To help you, we have put together a map that shows you where you can find which exhibitor, where food and beverages are to be found, where the workshops are taking place and anything else you might need to know about the Wollfest location.

You can print out this map in the download section of the website and plan your route to your favorite yarn dealers in advance. Enjoy!



imageIf you make something by hand, you also want the finished piece to have buttons that are just as nice as the yarn you used, and that are made from natural materials. But sometimes they just aren’t that easy to find. Good thing that Franz Budke will be among the exhibitors of Wollfest with his Button-Collectors-Club!

Whether they’re made from mother of pearl, corozo, coconut, wood, buffalo horn, metal or glass, you will find the best manufactured buttons at the Button-Collectors-Club stand.

Woolyimpi collective

Born in sunny South Africa, Vicki Marais made her way to Europe, where she met a lot of talented people who shared their craft skills with her. She quickly became addicted, and spinning in particular felt like “coming home”.

After a friend suggested that she sell her unique spun yarn, she started her Woolyimpi business. Over the years she added handmade Fimo clay buttons as well as a small assortment of handy needle carry-alls.

Vicki will be sharing her crafts with us at Wollfest this year.



Filzrausch: another Wollfest attraction. Not only will there be lots of beautiful fiber and accessories for spinning and felting at their stand, there will also be a lot of knowledge on the topic of dyeing to be found.

The offerings will range from fleeces to tops from different breeds of sheep – undyed, single and multi-colored, and more.

When it comes to accessories, Filzrausch will bring lots of items for spinning, felting and dyeing. Worth special notice are the Wosepo acid dyes, which can be used for dyeing all wool, silk and polyamide fibers.

himawari knits

Logo 300dpi Himawari V01 030816Graphic patterns and straight fits are what characterize Claudia Eisenkolb’s designs, which, together with her chosen colors and yarn structures, give her knitted objects a very harmonious look. None of these elements overpower the other aspects of her patterns.

Under the himawari knits label, Claudia offers out patterns for pullovers, shawls, socks, cowls and hats via Ravelry as well as brick and mortar stores.

Claudia is also taking part in Wollfest this September and will be selling her patterns as well as presenting finished models. She will even have a brand new pullover design ready – published during Wollfest!

Saturday or Sunday?

One of the questions we are frequently asked is whether Saturday or Sunday is the best day to visit Wollfest. And our answer? If you enjoy being around a whole lot of people, then Saturday is your day.

But that doesn’t mean that those who decide on Sunday will be lonely. However, they will have it a little easier getting to the stands, will be able to grab a seat in the lounge quicker, and won’t be faced with quite as long of a line at the coat check or the bistro.

Also, the exhibitors will all be distributing their goods between the two days, so you don’t have to worry about only finding Saturday’s leftovers on Sunday.

And for those who just can’t decide: book a weekend ticket. But please keep in mind: the presale for tickets at a slightly lower price is only going until August 10th. (FYI: workshops can still be booked until the end of the month!)


vegarnWhether it’s certified cotton, handspun yarn from nettle or hemp from Nepal, or soy yarn, what Marlin has to offer is definitely of plant origin.

But she has set herself other standards as well: no testing on animals, as little packaging as possible, CO2-neutral delivery and much more. There is also a special tencel yarn available for which there is a crowdfunding campaign running until August 20th (

You will find an excellent selection of all these yarns at Wollfest this year.


Logo_Wollwind_gro├ƒ_300dpi_SchnittFirst Gesine thought she’d do something sensible, and turned her math skills into a career. But then her passion for fiber took over and she opened Wollwind, a wonderful store in Berlin-Tegel.

In her store, Gesine mainly offers Scandinavian and English-inspired knitwear design and the corresponding yarn. She also has several of her own patterns available now. At Wollfest she will have baa ram ewe, Juniper Moon Farm, Debbie Bliss and Louisa Harding, amongst others.

Presale for tickets ends soon – and there’s a few workshop spots left

The presale for admission tickets will be coming to a close on August 10th, and after that date it will only be possible to buy them at the door. We ask that those choosing to pay by bank transfer do so by August 15th. Any ticket orders that are unpaid after this date will be cancelled.

There are still a few free spots in some of the workshops. Take the opportunity to learn something from some of the most skilled people in the yarn industry – you won’t regret it! Workshops can still be booked online until August 31st. However, they also need to be paid by this date, so only Paypal payments will be possible as of August 29th.

And for those who already have an admission ticket: workshops include the price of admission, but if you’ve already got a ticket, no worries. Just let us know your order or invoice number and we will refund the price of admission.

The Little Grey Sheep

logoThe Little Grey Sheep can be found on a small family farm on the Surrey Hampshire borders. Nestled amongst the rolling countryside, they dedicate themselves to conserving nature by farming as traditionally as possible.

The sheep are an integral part of the company’s conservation plan, through managed grazing and reversion of agricultural land to traditional pastures.

With Emma’s love of textiles it was only time before they began producing unique quality knitting and weaving yarns. The yarns are produced from their own wool, sheared by Susie, washed in Yorkshire and hand-dyed on the farm by Emma.


mylys_logo2015_150After opening, the yarn shop mylys quickly became a Hamburg institution. Naima Hakim was the first LYS owner in the city to not carry the biggest brands and to fully concentrate on a very special yarn range.

Brands such as Malabrigo, Cascade and Schoppel, to name just a few, could previously not be found anywhere in Hamburg. The extremely high-quality yarn range, combined with a concept to make customers feel at home in the shop or café, was embraced enthusiastically by everyone.

Naima (who is one of the Wollfest organizers) will be bringing some of what she offers in her shop to Wollfest: Jamieson, Madelinetosh, Quince & Co., Hedgehog Fiber, De Rerum Natura, ITO, Schoppel, HiyaHiya and other goodies that can be found at mylys (see website).


verLOCKEND_LogoSheep and Gotland have always belonged together. Catrin Porsiel from Verlockend has the advantage of living there and being constantly surrounded by wooly splendor. She will be bringing 1 and 2-ply yarns, both in natural hues and colorfully hand-dyed.

Hand-knitted shawls and sheepskin accessories round off her Wollfest offerings.


Elfenwolle Banner neu

The colorways that Tina Degenkolb captures on fibers and yarns are truly magical.

The focus of what she offers is placed on spinning fibers in beautiful color constellations. And the special mixtures of her fibers are also worth noting: Polwarth wool is combined with silk, and Bluefaced Leicester with llama. Bamboo joins forces with faux cashmere and rose fiber – completely vegan! But Tina of course also has pure fibers such as Corridale and merino.

Tina is a spinner as well, so she will also be bringing hand-spun and hand-dyed yarns with her to Wollfest.

Tulliver Yarn

Tulliver Yarn + Logo 1 jpgThe dream of gently dyed yarn in a color range spanning from subtle to bright, but only using natural materials – Elke Schröter has turned it into reality.

Elke has busied herself with textiles and dying techniques even before she studied textile design in London and Berlin. The knowledge she gained makes it possible for her to pay close attention to how she handles resources. She purchases her yarns mainly from English mills, and she dyes them at her home in Berlin with natural substances, many of which she gathers herself, for example onion peels, goldenrod and walnut shells.

The yarn she has on offer is limited to wool from just a few sheep breeds. This has allowed her to use her scientific interest to learn all about the wool from these sheep, how they can best be dyed and which dyes to use. The colorful results can be seen at Wollfest Hamburg and definitely speak for themselves.

wool of fame

Wool_of_Fame_Logo_positivIf you think of your last Mediterranean vacation when you see Susanne Grashoff’s hand-dyed natural yarns, you have hit the nail on the head. The colors of Mallorca, where she lives part of the time, are her most important source of inspiration. She creates the warm color hues for her yarn while on the island.

Susanne places particular importance on the quality of the yarn, ethical treatment of the animals and the dying process, which is not to put unnecessary strain on the delicate yarn. She only works with high-quality, purely natural yarns with no added acrylic. Only when these conditions are met does the yarn have a chance of being added to her range.

The ones that have made it are merino, silk, alpaca, camel, cotton, linen, cashmere and various mixtures of these wonderful fibers. They are kettle-dyed in small quantities by hand.


VerstrickteKunst_Logo_BärbelSaletBärbel Salet likes things colorful.

Beautiful colorful coats, jackets, tunics, loops and huge shawls to wrap yourself up in are created by her skillful hands using the Fair Isle technique. She uses wool from around the world for her works.

Her suppliers include renowned brands such as Jamiesons of Shetland and Harrisville. But she also orders her yarns from suppliers that are not quite as well known, from Denmark, Iceland, England and Latvia, for example. The most important thing is that the quality is good.

You won’t just be able to admire what she does at Wollfest, you will also be able to make her creations yourself using the original yarn. Bärbel will have the patterns and the materials put together as kits for you. This means that she will be bringing many of the 260 colors that she uses for her patterns with her in September.


The right number will get you into Wollfest

The order number (Bestellnummer in German) is what is needed to get into Wollfest in September.

Please bring your order confirmation (Bestellbestätigung in German) with you – as a mail on your mobile phone or printed out. We will use this number to find you quickly in our lists, and you will promptly be given an armband for the event. Depending on what kind of ticket you have, it will either be a day armband or a weekend armband.

This armband gives you access to all Wollfest areas, and you can come and go as you please. Do some shopping at the marketplace and then drop your purchases off at your hotel, or take a walk along the Alster, or find the nearest cash point for even more purchases. ;-)

By the way, you can see if all is well with your order by checking your customer account on our website. Once your payment has been received and your order has been processed, your order status will be “completed” (“Fertiggestellt” in German).