We’re back!

IMG_1173_800The Wollfest Team is back in action with the organization for Wollfest Hamburg 2016.

Next time there will be both familiar faces amongst the exhibitors (who you of course don’t just know from Wollfest) along with exciting new companies that we will be presenting to you here soon.

Workshops are also slowly falling into place, and we’ll start announcing them once things get confirmed.

In 2014 we all enjoyed the marketplace activities so much that we will be offering a lot more next time. This means there will be lots of fun events, with no need for an extra registration or extra costs.

We also want to spoil our visitors a little next time around, so there won’t just be more available in terms of food and drinks, we’ll also be more “hands on.” We mean that literally, and your tense shoulder muscles – caused by too much knitting or spinning or carrying bags – will truly be in good hands.

Curious? Then stop in once in a while and/or join the Wollfest-Hamburg Ravelry group, where we also announce all our news.

Wollfest Video

Federico Rinaldi (son of Wollfest team member Betta) has delighted us with a film filled with Wollfest impressions. And we of course want to share it with you.

Watching it makes us reminisce about Wollfest, and we can barely wait for the next one!