And the winners are…

Gewinner3…the nautilus, the jellyfish and the lobster. Two talented knitters are behind these entries. That’s right, just two! The elegant jellyfish and the funny striped lobster were both knit by Heike from Hamburg. The amazing nautilus entered by Sabine from Kiel was given almost every 5th vote and won by a landslide!

Gewinner2 Gewinner1

Preis1Each winning entry will receive a yarnbowl from “andsewtoknit” and a skein of Wollmeise Regenbogen.

But those who voted also got the chance to win a prize. Three small project bags, each filled with a skein of Wollmeise, were raffled off amongst the voting participants. The winners are:

Petra from the Lüneberg area, Dorothee from the Mecklenburg Lake District and Michaela from Munich.Preis2

Congratulations to all winners!

We would like to thank everyone who sent in an entry. You made some wonderful things that the children will enjoy very much.



We would like to thank the visitors, exhibitors, workshop teachers and especially our many tireless helpers. We might have supplied the framework of the event, but it was you who made Wollfest such a great weekend.

All of you were great!

As soon as we’ve caught up on our sleep we’ll be back to report more on Wollfest and post a lot of pictures. Please feel free to send any photos our way that you’d like to see online!

Your tired but happy Wollfest Team

The early bird…gets their armband first:

Nobody likes to stand in line! We have therefore arranged for four extra entrances for presale orders along with the box office. But it might still come to lines, so we are offering those already in Hamburg the opportunity of already picking up their armbands at 9:00 a.m.

To avoid misunderstandings: the doors won’t open until 10:00 a.m., but if you already have your armband, you can get to the yarn first. ;-)

The Wollfest team:


Your Wollfest team, who should not be held responsible for the amount of money you spend at the marketplace!

Travel knitting:


Sitting on a train with empty hands is a no-go. If you want to get into the Wollfest mood, here are some alternatives to standard train knitting, also known as The Sock: knit the Wollfest logo or the Hamburg coat of arms.

Whether it turns into a dishcloth with knit-purl structure or a double-knit potholder, it will get you ready for Wollfest Hamburg. You can find the charts here.

Our “signposting”:



Things to do for Wollfest partners

Some of the Wollfest attendees will be bringing their partners along, and we’d like them to enjoy the weekend too. One of our partners has put together a list of fun and interesting things to do for those lacking the passion for fiber. Thank you, Rolf!

It hasn’t been scientifically proven, but there is definitely an affinity between women who knit and record-collecting men (and probably the other way around!). The used record fair will be taking place on Saturday, 06.09 at the University Mensa on Schluterstrasse, directly next to the Audimax.

I can warmly recommend the Maritim Museum for those into maritime things:

It can be reached in less than half an hour with public transportation:

From Dammtor station, take bus line 109 (direction Hauptbahnhof / Steintordamm) to Jungfernstieg. Then take the subway line U4 (direction Hafen City / Universität) to Überseequartier. You can then also check out the Speicherstadt on foot.

Miniatur Wunderland is close to the Maritim Museum, a dream come true for any model railroad fan – and those who aren’t, too!

Follow the same directions as those above; everything is signposted well.

For those who are more interested in the essential aspects of Hamburg, I have the following news:

FC St. Pauli has an away game on September 6 against SV BW Löwenstedt and the HSV soccer team has its first home game on the 20th. Hamburg won’t be scoring any points with that news….

For those who want to go home with filled bags:

Horn Flea Market

Bramfeld Flea Market

Hamburg is a beautiful city. Various city tours will show you the best places:

I can particularly recommend the historic Alster tour with the St. Georg steamboat. It departs from nearby Dammtor.

Have fun!


Food and drink…

…will hold the body and soul of knitters and crocheters together. :-)

The Student Union will be taking care of catering at Wollfest – and at very yarn budget-friendly prices.


Apple juice 0.2 l 1.30
Orange juice 0.2 l / 1.30

Fritz Cola products 0.33 l 2.00

Viva con Agua 0.5 l 2.00
with & without carbonation

Mio Mate 2.50
Mal-Vite 0.33 l 2.00

Coffee 0.2 l 1.50
Tea 0.2 l 1.50


Pastries 1.00
Sheet cake 1.50

Quark 1.50
Red fruit dessert 1.50

Ciabatta rolls 2.00
(various fillings)

Bockwurst 1.70
- with potato salad 2.80
- with roll 2.00

Potato salad “solo” 1.50

Leek strudel 1.50
Wraps 2.50

Müsli bar / 0.80
Trail mix 0.80

Those who prefer something else will be able to find a wide variety of places to eat in the direct vicinity, from kebab to bakeries to specialist restaurants with excellent international cuisine.

Open workshop spots

For those who didn’t manage to grab a workshop spot, or who simply can’t get enough, we still have isolated workshop spots that can be booked directly on-site at Wollfest only. Reservations in advance are not possible.

Here are the free spots:

Åsa Tricosa  “Ziggurat Method 1“ – 1 spot
Saturday 10:30 to 13:30

Chantimanou “Farben spinnen” – 5 spots
Saturday 10:30 to 13:30

al-mut “Knooking” – 5 spots
Saturday 11:00 to 12:30

Nicolor “Fotokurs 2″ – 2 spots
Saturday 18:00 to 19:30

Åsa Tricosa “Semele” – 1 spot
Sunday 10:30 to 13:30

There are also two courses in which the open spots can still be ordered in presale.

Stephen West “Swants” – 1 spot
Saturday 11:00 to 14:00

Yarnissima “Toe-up Socks” – 4 spots
Saturday 15:00 to 18:00

We are making an exception for these two courses because they require some preparation in advance, which will be either difficult or impossible to get done at Wollfest itself. Therefore, these two workshop spots can be ordered immediately.

Anyone interested should send a mail to and let us know which course. We will send you an invoice, which must be paid within 3 days as otherwise the spot will go to the next interested person. This only applies for the Stephen West and Yarnissima courses.

Please be aware that we will not be answering general questions about reservations – we have a lot to do! ;-)

Lots going on at the Wollfest marketplace!

In addition to all the nice people to knit, crochet and chat with, and all the tempting yarn our exhibitors will have on offer, Wollfest has something else to offer: the marketplace activities. They are free of charge and open to all visitors. We have put together an interesting program that will take place on both days directly at the marketplace, in the seating areas and at several stands on the ground floor. (Note to English speakers: all events will be conducted in German except for Åsa Tricosa, Ysolda Teague and Stephen West.)

10:30 Nicolors „Maximale Freiheit“ Strickkonzept / Marketplace
11.30 Hilke und ihre Strumpfstrickmaschine in Aktion / Marketplace
12:30 Frag doch mal Tichiro! Antworten auf eure Fragen / Marketplace
13:00 Seide: Von der Raupe bis zum Faden mit Hilke / Marketplace
14:00 Åsa‘s Blitz-Workshop: Winding a center-pull ball by hand / Marketplace
14.15 Åsa‘s Blitz-Workshop: Two provisionAL cast-ons (winding and crocheted) / Marketplace
14:30 Yarnissima zeigt Strick-Tricks / Marketplace
15:00 Contiguous-knit-along mit Fallmasche (bis 18:00) / Seating area left
15:00 Vortrag von RosyGreen: „Womit stricke ich da? – Wolle im Bio-Check“ / Seating area right
16:30 Martina Behm liest aus „Stricken macht schön“ / Seating area right
17:30 Ysolda booksigning / Penelope Craft

10:30 Nicolors „Maximale Freiheit“ Strickkonzept / Marketplace
11.30 Seide: Von der Raupe bis zum Faden mit Hilke / Marketplace
12:00 Martina Behm liest aus „Stricken macht schön“ / Seating area right
12:30 Chantimanou zeigt Zwirntechniken für Texturgarne / Seating area left
13:00 Hilke und ihre Strumpfstrickmaschine in Aktion / Marketplace
14:00 Åsas Blitz-Workshop: Winding provisional cast-on / Dye for Yarn
14.00 Stephen West Live and in color / Penelope Craft
14.15 Åsa‘s Blitz-Workshop: I-cord cast-on / Dye for Yarn
15.00 Ysolda booksigning / Penelope Craft

Here is a map of Wollfest so that you can get an idea of what is taking place where: Wollfest_Map. You don’t need to print this map out because it will be included in the brochure that you will be given when you get to Wollfest.

Well-prepared for Wollfest

If you ordered a ticket through the presale, we e-mailed you a confirmation with an order number. Please print this confirmation and bring it with you, or have it available on your smartphone to show at the entrance.
Some people will have several order numbers because they booked workshops and tickets separately. Upon arrival, please choose the door that corresponds to the order number of your ticket (and not your workshop).
If you ordered tickets for other people, you should either all arrive together or make sure than everyone has a copy of the confirmation at hand. And everyone should know under what name the ticket was ordered.

If you booked a workshop, please make sure to read the details about it. You will find this information for each workshop under “events” above. By clicking the “details” link (in blue) at the end of the workshop description, you will find a PDF containing such information as what materials or needles you should bring with you or if you need to brush up on a certain technique beforehand.

Designer Update: Chantimanou

ChantimanouAfter admitting that she was a spinner of yarn, she was asked in an internet forum to make instructions on how to do it available. She filmed a video and released it on YouTube. There was so much feedback that she filmed another video, and another, and another…
Fiber is her passion and she has now been producing videos about spindles, spinning wheels and yarn for about four years. She loves making videos, answering questions and having contact with her viewers. “chantimanou handSpinnerey” came along a bit later. First as a hobby, then as a sideline business.
By now she gives numerous classes for beginners and advanced spinners, and has even more contact with those who want to learn how to spin.

More than a year ago, she gave up her office job and now spends all her time in her small workshop at home in Bonn. She then opened up her own online shop, where she sells equipment for hand spinners as well as hand-dyed fiber through her fiber club.

Chantimanou is always working on new projects, has new ideas and interests. “I am thankful that I can indulge in this in my job. I recently offered my control cards for hand spinners for the first time and am now in the process of printing the second edition. I am currently working on a beginner’s book for spinning using a hand spindle, which I plan on self-publishing. There will also be more video workshops coming soon, and who knows what I’ll come up with by the time Wollfest rolls around. Standstill is not in my vocabulary.”

Her main objective has always been to bring other people closer to the wonderful craft of hand spinning and to show how multifaceted, thrilling, simple and colorful spinning is.

After having organized the Ravelry Meeting in Bonn in 2012, she is really looking forward to coming to Hamburg this year and to celebrate this amazing community, meet old and new friends, and have lots of fun.